Patwin Hard White Winter Wheat Flour


Hard white winter wheat | variety: identity preserved patwin Grown organically by Fritz Durst in Capay, Ca Patwin is an exceptional wheat variety developed by U.C. Davis that is particularly well-adapted to our region. Though this harvest year has slightly lower protein, the quality of the soil where it is grown gives it sturdy rising power and has excellent water absorption, making for beautiful, aromatic, loaves of bread. Great for pizza dough, too. Bay area artisanal bakers love mixing patwin with our summit flour as an alternative to all-purpose flour. Protein: 9.47%. At Community Grains, we are learning that protein percentage does not equal protein functionality. It starts with the quality of the soil. Identity preserved enter the batch # (found on the back of your bag of flour) on our site for detailed information about the wheat variety, and how it was grown, stored, and milled.

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